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                  2016-17 Vistoso Hiking Club Officers & Staff



President:         Jim Brandl                Tele.   651-236-0404

Vice President:  John Newton             Tele.  520-825-1484    

Secretary:         Mary Rea                  Tele. 734-645-0827

Treasurer:         Kathy Anderson        Tele.  520-825-2771

Chief Guide:      Doug Higgins            Tele.  630-369-2896   




Orientation Hike Guide: June 1st – Sept. 30th  =  Jim Williams  


                                  Oct. 1st - May 31st.    =   Dave Fraser    Tele. 520-825-4344



Hike Schedules and Hike Data Base Editor:  Millie Sparling
Members Email Communication:  Sally Evert
Mileage Secretary:  Dick Sauer
Club Historian:  John Newton
Wash Clean-up Committee:
       Gaston Meloche, Dick Sauer & John DeCoville
Webmaster:  Darrel Cornelius

Assistant Webmaster:  Dean Chapman     

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